Swingie ***NEW 2021***


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September 6, 2020
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Swingie ***NEW 2021***

Swingie is a amusing manner of developing attention and focus, the simple concept behind the sport is to faucet on the swinger and make your manner to the following degree, collect the gem stones, and avoid the limitations.

How to play?
Tap to change the location of the Swinger / Swinging Lasso
Collect the gem stones
Avoid the boundaries for your way
Unlock the following level
Watch the video to view the way it works
However, we propose you play and discover the brand new tricks to play the game.

Describe the sport
The swinger swings directional by means of tapping everywhere on the screen. Collect the gem stones whilst gambling to unencumber characters. Unlocking characters like cake, ball, rose, ninja, duck, drum, rocket, bot, ice cream, cake, and so forth., through unlocking you’ll get extra manage over the sport. Playing the sport turns into much less difficult and offers a exclusive revel in on every new unencumber. The recreation is speedy with the simple swinger that comes with the sport.

I experience the game is tough. Why?
Each and the entirety within the world has common sense and this game is complete of a laugh logics.

Swingie Apk download

Game is hard due to the fact you dont understand how to fight. This recreation isn’t at all difficult, we advise you to focus at the swinging direction and conquer the limitations to hold transferring in advance.

Do I want to pay whatever for this game?
No, The sport is one hundred% free for all tiers.

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How can I keep my recreation development?
Levels are stored both through google play video games sign-in or locally.

why to play this recreation?
Because you want to win over the boundaries that comes to your life. Its a entire pressure buster, improves recognition, enables to enhance your attention, develops never give up mind-set. Interesting sport with Smooth and interactive UI.

Note: This recreation continues to be under development, any pointers or enhancements are maximum welcome right here thotaakshay7747@gmail.Com


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Swingie ***NEW 2021***

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